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When they gave me the tape recorder last night, Dad put the microphone in my hand and looked at me very seriously and said that this was the future and that he and everything he represents was a dinosaur. In the street Lewis Nordine is flying a model airplane on a set of control lines.I asked Mom what he meant and she said it was the eggnog. just me, the recorder, and the extension cord, which I will call the tether of life.     Looking around from this position, I can see almost the entire street. Unknown to him, his big brother Jim appears to be shooting at the plane with a BB gun from their attic window.When I can't breathe I sometimes just he there and think that I'm dead and float away as she is rubbing my chest with Vapo Rub.I might not be able to go outside tomorrow if it's cold because of my lungs."I think it was Christmas 1967 when Dale got his first tape recorder. My dad had given me one of those model gas engine planes that fly around on control lines.I was standing out in the middle of the street, turning around in circles, attempting my first loop, when Dale came marching out of his house wearing his Cub Scout backpack with this big tape recorder stuffed inside and holding a microphone.He is the owner of Cooper's Offset Printing on Germantown Road.There is a picture of Benjamin Franklin, who is one of Dad's heroes, above the door of the printing shop.

It is a green house with yellow aluminum awnings that Dad bought from Sears to keep the fabric on the couch from fading.

And his sister got new shoes that were supposed to make her a better dancer.

    Mom just left my room because I had an asthma attack.

I have no sisters and one older brother named Emmet who is in college. I have a desk, bed, clothes chest, and a hook rug my mom made with a picture of a deer. Above my bed on the wall is my most important personal item, a poster of Jimmy Stewart in the movie which only I can touch.

Only people who know the password can come in my room. I am talking into a Norelco B2000 reel-to-reel tape-playing recorder that I received as a Christmas present.

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One, I cannot travel more than seventy-five feet from the house, which will limit my investigations.