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The bar fee (bar fine) varies according to the type of establishment in which you find your honey. These establishments are Go Go Bars where the girls dance on a cat walk or stage, Pattaya Beer Bars which are usually outdoor bars and Short Time Bars which are usually dimly lit indoor bars full of beautiful Thai women.

Your companion will expect some further compensation.

If you are regarded as a fun person then you will possess the magnetism for the "Pattaya" girls. For an in depth understanding of Thai girls and the advantages of having one as your partner read After-The-Rush by: Bill Williams.

If you are looking beyond the sensational night life of Pattaya, Phuket and Bangkok and are dreaming of a perfect Thai wife, partner or just finding a Thai girl to live with then this Thai partner guide written by an Australian who has lived up country in Thailand for near on 6 years will save you hours of potential wasted experience.

It will also dazzle you with its little known secrets that will help you easily meet main stream Thai women...

And bring astounding changes to your life as you currently know it!

Just knowing some of the littlest things about the finer points of this exotic paradise will keep you in good health, wealth and wisdom. Some internet surfers sometimes search for "Pattaya call girls".

If you have already spent time searching for the right Thai woman for you in Thailand but are having difficulty linking up with a sincere partner then visit Thai Love Links or another reliable site Thai Love Lines.

One of the many advantages of searching for a partner on Thai Love Lines or Thai Love Links Personals is the possibility that the person you contact can already read and write English.

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There are some call girl agencies here which operate in this western style of make a telephone call and book a Thai call girl unseen.