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One gram gold buttalu online dating

The reception accorded the association by the people of Chattanooga, was thoroughly appreciated and that city can depend upon the cordial friendship of ticket agents throughout the country. m., when the special train pulled out of the depot, over the Western & Atlan- tic road, the celebrated "Kennesaw Mountain Route.'' which passes through a section of Georgia made fam- ous by the campaign of '64, " when Sherman marched down to the sea." The stations of Ringgold, Tunnel Hill, Resaca. Big Shanty and Marrietta were passed, and brought back to miud the memorable events that transpired on this ground, consecrated by the blood of American patriotism. eral passenger agent of the Western & Atlantic, ac- companied the train from Chattanooga to Atlanta, and succeeded admirably in making the trip over his road both entertaining and instructive. A committee of local ticket agents, with Mayor Glenn, Mr. Ogles- by, president of the chamber of commerce, and other prominent citizens, acted as escorts. Albert How- ell introduced Mayor Glenn as " the biggest mayor of the biggest town on earth. Glenn is a gentleman of ample proportions.) Mayor Glenn responded in a happy manner, saying in substance: My rrieiid was iroiiirni ID talking ationt my sue. I'm jjlarl lo welcome you to the biggest town on earth. The conductor takes one coupon, the other coupon is sent by mail to the consignee or con- necting line, and the main bill with tissue copy is held by the agent at point where consignment is first forwarded from. For instance, some roads have cars assigned to several different lines operating over different connections, and the cars assigned are given the marks of each respect- ive line.

Old Kennesaw, no longer grim and frowning, loomed up for a few moments as the train swept around its base and was viewed with interest. The large dining hall of the hotel was filled, but there was no confusion in any detail of the well arranged banquet that follow- ed, the party, now numbering 400 or more, being hand' led in a manner that evoked nni versa! I must acknowledge that this i& a sort of revelation lo me. 1 understand the Association of Ticket Agents has some idea of meeting in Denver next year. The new method is highly spoken of and we hope to be able to give a fuller description of it in another issue. Under this system it must often be apparen- to the car distributor that the line marks which con- trol the movements via particular routes, curtail the utility of the equipment very much, and add ma- terially to expenses for cost of movement and service of cars belonging to other companies.

We understand all that sud want Lo get in with j'ou. There are some other gentlemen here that expect to s])eak— in fact, one of em's pulling at my coat now — The sentence was lost in a round of cheers and laughter. The merchants of the city, in whose name 1 am welcoming you, are the best friends a ticket agent has. Louis has just received a large consignment of evergreens, to be used in adorning the station yards along the road.. This single reference is sufficient to show that line marks prevent cars from making as large performance as they would were the cars simply marked with I he initials of the road owning them, and left free to go via any route on which business istobe moved.

The mayors and the editors ride about on dead head tickets, and stand in with the general managers and superintendents, but when a ticket agent seea a merchant coming be says, "Here's a cash transaction. If roads desire to have only a particular series ot cars go away from home in through service, such cars could be designated by the adding of the words "Fast Freight" below the road marks, to indicate to agents and shippers such cars as are available for through shipments via any route. I INVENTION began, says one writer, in the Garden of Eden nhen the primal pair invented the tig leaf apron, and it has been in progress through all the hours that, since that day, have gone to join the cycles that elapsed before the creation of mankind.

A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. Atmore, offering the courtesies of the Cave estath, inclosed in a letter from the manager of the Mammoth Cave Hotel. The circulation in this section is very large, but there are yet many agents whom the New England represen- tative would be glad to see upon the subscription list. It does no) refer to any pailicular system of accounting, but applies to si!

The members of the party regret not having an opportunity to see more of this enterprising and pleasant city, but obser\'ed enough to convince them of Chattanooga's substantia prosperity, and of the enterprise of its citizens. Atlanta was reached shortly after dark, and the entire party was immediately escorted to the Kimbal House, a few steps from the depot, where a supper was tendered the association by the Western & Atlantic road. If every road could have a space for such matter it could be readily found between the covers of this magazine. There is work to c^o ; labor for your fellows, which is, or should be, a pleasure to all true men. The bill consists of one regular bill and two coupons attached. The Station Agbnt for December cont Hins a very interesting article on the origin and growth a\ fast freight lines, from the pen of Mr. Another important matter in connection with the assigning of cars to line serivce, which has not rece- ived so much attention, is the marking of cars.

What's right up north is right in the south— THE .-. and when the people of tbe two sections get better ac_ quninted they will find this out. Hamilton & Dayton ronds in the de- pot at Cincinnati, Ohio, the other day while the ticket sellers were at slipper in an adjouraing room. AH that there is on this globe, except wild vegetation, wild animals and wild raen naked and houseless as their quadrupedal companions, faas come of iu Teotion. Ulna Baeord, _..u ...........1, in Rbb'''"""" ■'■"' mond, Smitii Pratui Bi. and Ml other maofainea- AUo pada far Yoat Tjrp* Writer and all pad maehin H. We have the Gnest line of Agate Stylos in the market.

We are always glad to acg strangers, come from where they may— and as glad to see strangers from the north as to see strangers from the south. Dear Sir — 1 beg to extend through yon to the Interna- tional Association of Ticket Agents the complitnents of the Union Pacific Railway, and to say in behalf of this company that if you should desire to hold your next meeting in Denver or Salt Lake City it will give us a great deal of pleasure to tender the courtesies of our lines to the ticket agents and de- pendent members of their families en route to and from the convention, and to afford any of the gentlemen who may de- sire to prolong their visit after the convention has adjourned the privilege of so doing. A union station is to be built in Norfolk, Va., by the Norfolk & Western, Norfolk and Carolina, Norfolk & Soulli- em and Norfolk and Virginia branch roads. by the Seaboard & Roanoke and Atlanta and Oanville companies. The history of invention, could |il be writ- ten, would be B detailed story of mankind from Adam to the babe born to-day. Before purehasina eluawhere, plaam examine our (nmptai. Oidan alianded to witli diapateh, Kailroad Uekat orden a ir Mla Ur.

Fertile fields are thickly dotted with dark patches that one knows to be groves of heavy timber, and with tiny structures here and there, that bear a close resem- blance to the small toy houses which delight the children's heart. This would be no more trouble to passenger and save many forms of tickets, and obviate necessity of using skeleton tickets.

Across the plain and river lies Mission Ridge, a name that will always be remem- bered in American history, while to the right, al- though not in sight, is the fatal field of Chick amauga. I would like to hear from general passenger agents, and auditing clerks also,. to take out an insurance policy, and to induce new members coming in to do so. As a historj' showing the progress that has been made in the means of despatching freight, the contribution is a nious val- uable one, but there is considerable question about the correctnessof his conclusion, viz., "that fast freight lines are sufficient for the requirements of the present generation, and that their abolishment would be dis- astrous to the prosperity ofthe country at large." It is thought, by not a few, that the operation ofthe In- terstate Commerce Law has done much to clear the way for the discontinuance of such organizations as separate and distinct institutions outside of the lal L roads themselves, to be superseded by a general plan which will be to all the railroads what the fast freight lines have been toa few.

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Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. Monday morning even," one was ready for a good break fast, and found just what was wanted at the Read House. the start was made for Lookout Mountain, one section of the party taking the narrow guage and the inclined cable cars, and the others a special train on the Chattanooga & Lookout Mountain road, a stand- ard guage line that winds up the mountain side in a mar\'elous manner. Another was to establish a branch office here in the metropolis, under the charge of the chief clerk of the bureau, Mr, E. Ol course, the published list would give the addresses of all coupon agents in the country, but he would be glad to mail Mr. Carrel repeated that he would be glad to furnish the list desired. Choate then accepted the suggestion that he correspond with Mr. The president announced that the city had placed carriages and drivers at the disposal of the members, and that these would be in waiting at 3 p. The more meetings we can have the better we will get acquainted and the more agents can get away and enjoy a week or two of relaxation.