Netjet dating

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Netjet dating

You will be expected to work 24/7 supporting crappy and untested software deployments into production daily.

Everyday is a fire drill in IT with something major down due to a lack of proper planning, change control process and poor leadership.

While private jets are on offer, some 80pc of the business will be focused on helicopters – not the ones that take VIPs to the races, but machines that earn their keep.

Consultants are a consistent and revolving door there.

The bonuses are not as good as they claim to be along with the healthcare benefits.

Milestone expects the bulk of its business to be oil or gas-related, involving costly, heavy-duty helicopters capable of ferrying staff far out to sea as exploration moves further offshore.

While Mr Santulli's "fractional ownership" model at Net Jets was innovative in allowing companies and individuals to buy timeshares in jets, his new venture takes a different approach.

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Operating a fleet of aircraft is an expensive, people-heavy business and Net Jets, which Santulli sold to Buffett in 1998, slid into losses during the recession.

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