Marsha ambrosius dating natalie stewart

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The only thing was, she didn’t say that; she didn’t share that. A lot of things were done in secret, which really wasn’t necessary. It was incredible that this song Marsha had written was chosen to be on Michael Jackson’s album. But the situation also brought a lot of sharks and a lot of whisperers.

“By the end of 2006, I weighed less than eight stone, through sheer pressure and stress,” the poet recalls.Soon they decided on Philadelphia, met producers from DJ Jazzy Jeff's Touch Of Jazz studio, signed with Dream Works in 2002, and released their debut album, , with its huge singles, "Say Yes" and "Getting Late." Stewart calls Philly integral to Floetry's success, not only as their home, but also as a nu-soul scene, a "self-contained laboratory" including the likes of Erykah Badu, Musiq, Kindred, and Jazmine Sullivan. As simply as they ended, Floetry reunited in December 2014, when Ambrosius had a London gig, called Stewart for coffee, and had her contribute poetry during her show.Ambrosius returned the favor during a Floacist show soon after. "Dre's absolute genius, there's more where that's come from," Ambrosius says.Meanwhile, her sultry singing side found itself on sessions for a VP label tribute to late reggae great Dennis Brown, covering his "Have You Ever." Ambrosius got a call from the Brown family and was happy to sing a song that reminded her of her youth, "when I didn't have a job, didn't have to do the dishes, didn't have responsibilities, and could just play." Singing to nothing but a metronome, Ambrosius made the Brown track into a delicious vocal workout worthy of any in her solo catalog - an oeuvre that is stalled, but not stilled, by her current business. ' Our fans seem to feel about us like I do about A Tribe Called Quest.

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"I have so many tracks done, music with Terrace Martin, working with Philly's Andre Harris - go back to the cooks that made the Marsha cookie," she says giggling. That, too, comes down to timing." So did reuniting with her childhood poet-pal Stewart, with whom she came to America from the UK and released three albums, from 2002 to 2005, steeped in the neo-soul hip-hop sound of late-20th-century Philadelphia culture. I'm big on so many of the reunions that are coming up that touch upon the past because I'm a fan. This is for the people, never losing sight of why you started.

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