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Let him sleep on your lap, pat him as you’re watching TV, play with him, scratch his throat (is it just me or do ALL cats love it and start purring the moment we do this? Before you move, as you move and after the move, give your cat lots of love.

As previously mentioned, cats don’t jump for joy when it comes to change.

So that your cat doesn’t become overly upset or destabilized, try to keep his routine the same as long as you can.

I have never seen such a cunning, hypocritical, stubborn cat in my entire life. I think I forgot that truth because we have had very docile pets in our home over the decades (or maybe my parents were just amazing trainers) and we could get them to obey or even do tricks.Move the cat into a smaller room with it’s litter box so while you are unpacking and making room for your cat’s items are being placed. Once they know where the litter box is, they will return to it.They will put up with all the unpacking if you are light hear-ted about it and they will enjoy the boxes and wrapping paper to play in.It may seem like nothing serious to you, but your whereabouts are like landmarks to your cat.If you neglect him because you have so much to do before you move, if you come back at 3 AM and forget to feed him, if new people suddenly come to your house; well, it’s more than enough to make your cat insecure and stressed out.

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