How do guys feel about dating a single mother

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How do guys feel about dating a single mother

My last sentence is where many single men drop the ball.Guys who get involved with a single mom and believe for one second that they are going to be the priority in the woman's life are not the sharpest tools in the shed.Children are not "baggage", they are a gift and just want to be loved and treated kindly.About a year and a half after my wife passed, I reconnected with an amazing woman who is as beautiful as the day is long.Of course you can be important to her but if she makes you the priority over her children, she is probably not the caliber woman you want to settle down with.The guys who can't handle playing third fiddle in this position are the ones who use terms like "baggage".Of course, these are all total generalizations, but they're the best I could come up with for a question like this.I think it really just comes down to asking yourself if you're ready to become a father and is the woman you're interested worth keeping?

I am not naïve enough to believe I would be loved at the same level as her children.She may need more patience and understanding than you might have known.4) The love and laughter of a momma and her kids is better than any music, any amount of money, any adrenaline rush, or any lonely night in a bachelor pad could even come close to.I just didn't find it fair to leave my wife and child so often.After her death, I was in a world I haven't been in for 20 years, the world of being a single man and starting to date.

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We all make mistakes but where the cream of the crop rises to the top is in those who learn from and do not repeat said mistakes.

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