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Nobody here is only interested in those three subjects, so why should our children be?

' Mr Corbyn had previously compared himself to Bostik glue claiming he had plenty of 'stickability'.

When we got to the flat, we found it was residents’ parking only.

About half an hour later, the door slammed, and he slumped on the sofa. In fact, I put my hand to my face to shield me from the sight of his horrible form. I watched The X Factor, and water just kept running from my eyes. ” You ruined the one nice weekend I’ve had in about three years. I paid a grand for the flat and had to borrow my outfit. Not one word saying, “Well done, Liz, for ensuring Gove put banning live export in his conference speech.” You have shown your true colours. I shouted at him, called him a cadaverous t*** and slammed the door. He dropped me at the station without a word, and I staggered with my case, suit carrier, laptop and hat box to buy a train ticket: £76. I sat at my computer, and added up what he – the Scrooge who had the cheek to ask to take a photo of my grandmother’s ring, worth many thousands of pounds, before I gave it to my niece, as if to make out he would one day buy something similar, to make up for the fact he spent £21.99 when he proposed – had spent on the sheep.

‘It’s just like being at yours,’ I said, and he missed the irony, saying, ‘Yes, only with more space.’I paid for a takeaway curry then sat down to file two pieces of copy. I spent four hours getting ready: Hourglass primer, false lashes; I even ironed my hair. I booked a cab to the Botanic Garden, and then we walked slowly to the venue, following all the other women in difficult shoes. To be doing something normal that wasn’t about work.

We went to bed and he attempted to have sex with me. David, who doesn’t seem to own a comb, was dispatched to get a haircut. When I saw my niece’s beautiful face, green eyes shining with happiness, her lovely gown, my brother on her arm, I started sobbing. After the ceremony, set in woodland, in glorious autumn sunshine, we walked to the reception. I’d brought the bride a gift and as we sat drinking at a table, I removed it from my bag.

The UK Labour leader said it would be very complicated to separate things out because some companies operate across the whole of the country, and that a UK-wide agreement is needed.

He also said that the idea of separate economic and legal systems in different parts of the UK becomes 'difficult and very problematic'.

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‘Let me photograph it first, before you give it to her,’ David said cryptically. We got through the first course fine, and then David started: ‘I couldn’t sleep because I’m so worried about the sheep.’ (The ones he rescued from halal slaughter in France.) I had asked him just for one weekend not to mention them. ‘Don’t swear in front of my dress,’ I told him, suggesting maybe he should go. A few minutes later, he returned (I later found out he’d phoned one of my friends; ‘He sounded drunk,’ she said).

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