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This is closely defined by typographical designers as a logotype.The specification covers: typeface (either a commercially available typeface, or else a specially designed and copyrighted custom typeface); type size; type case (capitals or "uppercase," upper and lowercase, lowercase only); cut (Romans or upright letters, italics or slanted letters, regular/condensed/expanded type); weight (bold, medium, light); proportion (defined as units of tight or loose setting, plus amount and degree of type kerning).Before then, individual airlines, notably Aeroflot and some US carriers like Delta Air Lines, used custom liveries designed for each individual aircraft type they operated.Aeroflot abandoned the practice as late as 1974, adopting a uniform livery across its fleet.Until after the Second World War, the "default solution" for aircraft livery design was to leave the aircraft exterior unpainted and decorated only with the airline's title, plus possibly an emblem or monogram.When the world's first all-metal airliners, such as the Boeing 247, Douglas DC-2, and Douglas DC-3, entered service in the 1930s, the sleekness of their shiny exteriors provided an imaginative canvas for livery design. A service that has long been offered in the premium ranges of the automotive industry is now available in the aircraft industry thanks to RUAG Aviation, who have further developed it to deliver unparalleled customisation possibilities.

This made bare metal liveries problematic; they began giving way to painted exteriors by the mid-1960s.Thanks to the RUAG Paint Configurator, aircraft owners and operators are now able design the e The Configurator was developed by RUAG Aviation to help unearth initial ideas for new and attractive aircraft designs, and to give free rein to creativity.Users can choose between six aircraft models from reputable OEMs, each featuring five different designs.The specifications result in a logotype: a cliche of type whose characteristics remain unchanged.The airline's monogram or emblem is defined in terms of geometry by graphic designers. Logos are also modified to fit curved surfaces and appear identical from diverse viewing angles.

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The colour or colours are specified in terms of colour matching and standardisation systems like Pantone or Federal Standard. Individual aircraft types most often have individually designed liveries which appear to be identical, but are not quite the same as those applied to other aircraft types operated by the same airline.

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