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Dating site reviews belgie wales

Profiles that had 'message me' on them (which were also possibly dead).The first people who ticked yes did not read my profile first, in spite of my headline strictly saying they should. Tried rewriting my bio many times, but to no avail - as in, nobody reads them anyways, let alone in full.

POF seems to have more than its fair share of people with issues and problems...bunny boilers, psychos, neurotics, social mistfits, narcissists etc Maybe I was just unlucky but I won't be using that site again and wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

They then claim I wasn't their type when I tried to chase them up. Every attempt after that had been perpetual failure. The only possible reason I could have been kicked off was an honest question, albeit slightly odd.

The only person I nearly had a chance to meet had her account deleted for no reason. I won't explain that here, but they know who they were.

Markus has deleted my profile twice now for no reason.

He sent me tokens one day and I think because I didn't use them I was bumped off.

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