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Dating a homeless girl

"She got a letter from the council on Wednesday the week before, to say they were withdrawing that offer and substituting it with a different place in the Meile An Ri estate, in Lucan, but when she saw it she was horrified," her best friend Linda Woods added.

"The back door was burned, where someone had set fire to it, and there had been people sleeping rough in it.

Tragically, Danielle, mother of boys DJ (7) and Carter (20 months), was found dead in the room where she was staying in emergency accommodation on Wednesday.

Her mother Margaret told the Herald she despaired of finding a suitable home for herself and the children - then the council offered her a bungalow in Glenshane Lawns, Tallaght.

"She was that desperate to have somewhere to live that she accepted it and was finally looking forward to moving in - only for her hopes to be dashed," Margaret said at her home in Tallaght.

The victim was eventually released when members of the lynch mob drove him away from the scene and dumped him near a local barber’s shop.

The boy, from Blackburn, Lancashire, was later treated in hospital for injuries similar to those administered by a knuckleduster.

A county council spokesman said it was asked by Danielle's family not to comment on the matter and wanted to respect that wish.

Ms Carroll's family told the Herald they are preparing for her funeral and how telling Danielle's oldest boy that his mother had gone to heaven was the hardest thing they had ever done.

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As the victim fought for his life onlookers – thought to include women – were heard shouting: ‘kill him, kick him in the head, finish him off’.

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