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A Class I Medical Certificate requires the highest standards for vision, hearing, equilibrium, and general physical condition.

The pilot must have an exceptionally good health history with no evidence of organic and nervous diseases or mental disorders.

Considerable training is necessary for any type of pilot job, and most airline pilots have to "pay their dues" by first gaining a good deal of experience either in the military or in other types of civilian piloting.

In addition to airline pilot, pilot jobs include flight instructor, corporate pilot, charter pilot, test pilot, and agricultural pilot.

There are many chances to transfer from one kind of pilot job to another as flying hours are accumulated and additional skills are mastered.

The video records all the flight deck activity, from their interaction with air traffic control to the moment each of the three pilots (senior first officers Jeremy Goodson and Phil Gillespie are also in the film) opts to don their sunglasses – and Wallsworth has annotated the video, explaining technical terms and narrating each part of the flight.

For nervous flyers, it’s a boon – seeing the pilots calm, even in the final moments of landing, is an image that’s likely to help more than any fear of flying course. “I wanted to show that commercial flying is carried out in a somewhat different way to that often portrayed in films,” he says.

Airline Captain For many professional pilots the ultimate job is to be an airline captain The pay can be very good top salary at some of the higher paying major airlines is around 200000 a year for about 80 to 85 hours of flying per month And benefits for pilots as well as many other airline employees include travel passes But remember the top salary level is reached only after many years of service and only at a few of the major airlines Most airline pilots start out as first officer (co-pilot) with a regional carrier; initially they earn about ,000 to ,000 a year.

And when they join a major airline, their first position may not be as a pilot, but as a flight engineer.

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The airline currently has 12 A380s, flying to long-haul destinations from San Francisco to Singapore.