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Stephanie is having her son’s private tutor over to work on alphabet. Kameron is planning her dog food launch, inappropriately (IMO) wearing fur upon fur.

Across town, Lee Anne pretends she never really had a problem with Stephanie, that Cary was the puppet master pulling the strings all along. It really just comes down to Lee Anne and Brandi feeling insecure—Lee Anne is upset that Brandi is friends with Stephanie and Cary again, Brandi is jealous that Stephanie got tight with Cary over the summer. D’Andra is planning the production of her miracle anti-aging serum. Meanwhile, Kameron’s husband shelled out another K to re-do the dog food. I think it looks exactly the color of skin, more flesh pink than bubblegum pink like she keeps saying, but maybe it’s just the lighting…Kameron drives ALL the way to Plano to meet Brandi for lunch.

The most eligible matches from his multi-city tour will be invited back to Charleston, where they’ll get to know Rose on his own turf.

Rose’s producer and “great friend” Sarah will be there along the way to help.

The factory is working hard to correct this frightful indignity.

Stephanie meets Cary for wine and to make sure she feels supported, even though she kept her mouth shut when Brandi and Lee Anne were attacking her at the white party.

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“It’s terrifying.” RELATED VIDEO: Will If the trailer is any indication, Shep meets at least one special someone — though fans will have to wait to find out just who she is. I choose my friends carefully and my girlfriends, too.

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