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Changesets and updating work items

You can add these fields to work item types that you create for tracking defects using the following code snippet.

One of the features available in Team Foundation version control enables you to associate or resolve work items when you check in code.

When the Found In field is present in a WIT definition, Team Foundation Build creates a work item when a build fails, and sets the Found In field to the build number of the build that just failed.

If the Found In field is missing, Team Foundation Build does not create a work item for the failed build, and everything else works as expected.

It can also add build information to work items that were resolved in a particular build.For this to work, Team Foundation Build requires that the following two fields be added to the work item type definition: Found In and Integration Build.In the default process templates that Team Foundation Server provides, Found In and Integrated in Build fields appear in the type definitions for bugs.Some or all changesets might have work items associated with them, and those work items get associated with the build.This is done as part of the .” Each time a build is run, a LISTITEM is added to this global list with the name of the build.

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After get connected you will get to the TFS Project list of the server you are connected to.

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