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And cheese was the main dish for the first 45 minutes or so, which consisted mainly of Britney (Natasha Bassett) and Justin (Nathan Keyes) giggling and mauling each other.'I'm just trying to be a gentleman,' he tells her as they fool around in a trailer. It being a Lifetime movie, it doesn't get any more R-rated than that in her frequent dalliances... always has been,' her mom Lynn (Nicole Oliver) tells the camera, before it cuts to Britney waking up in a Vegas hotel room a married woman Things start to go downhill between JT and Britney when he becomes jealous of her choreographer Wade Robson, who got very handsy during their dance sessions.

In a fitting revenge, she later texts him: 'I wnt 2 dvrce U' - a 'quote' that appears to have been taken from a Fox News headline after that news broke in 2006.'I'd never say it was a mistake because I got my babies from it, but maybe it was too fast,' she says of K-Fed in her retrospective.'I hadn't let loose in so long... When they eventually do, it is with the help of a doctor, who helps convince her to turn control of her affairs over to them. suddenly everything is moving so fast,' she surmises in her interview. Like many icon celebrities, she has been the center of these types of scandals before.Another thing less surprisingly missing from it was a single Britney Spears song, since Britney herself wanted nothing to do with the film. ' her dad James (Matthew Harrison) chimes in, suddenly remembering he is always drunk and storming out, distracting from the fact the biggest popstar in the world just had a sex tape stolen'Jesus H Christ... Luckily the thieves were 'just some kids' and the sex tape is never mentioned again. He was the one thing in my life that was real.' When asked if she regretted it not working out between them, she answered only with a pained silence.Besides cheesy anonymous muzak, her covers of The Rolling Stones Satisfaction and Joan Jett's I Love Rock n Roll were the only tunes that made the cut. The disjointed format jumps back and forth between an interview with modern day Britney, who it is very clear has never gotten over Justin.'Were you in love? Hitched: 'Britney's the sort of girl who needs a man in her life...

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